Saturday, October 17, 2009

What’s been on My Mind?

I know I’ve been terrible with keeping up my blog. Unfortunately, things have been quite hectic the last few weeks. I did, however, manage to finish a short story (a very short one) couple of weeks ago and was a bit surprised with the responses I’ve received.

Without having to explain myself (and please don’t ask me), I posted this short story under a pseudonym that is special to me. The story is written with a male bend on the point of view, although it was never really clarified in the story. But I digress…

I was completely surprised to find 8 direct messages from women responding to my short story quite enthusiastically. Some of them contained very graphically persuasive words, while others had personal information that is deemed “unsafe” to share with a stranger. I did not know how to respond to them since they were clearly responding to who they think is a man.

So this got me thinking about a whole lot of things but three things prevail over all the others:
  1. Women on the internet are very aggressive, desperate or both
  2. I make a better guy than I do a girl (since I’ve never elicited such zestful responses as myself)
  3. These people could possibly be men pretending to be girls responding to a girl pretending to be a guy
Needless to say, all these things depress the heck out of me. I guess that serves me right for not being truthful with my readers about my identity, but what’s the fun in that.

To see a copy of the short story, click here.

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