Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sorry No Weekend Wednesday Post Today

I've had a tremendously challenging week (even though it's just Wednesday). Lots of changes ahead, work is piling up, hitting deadlines, school's starting, and a whole lot of other excuses. When you're stressed and emotions are high, that's when you should take time out. Unfortunately, getting ready for the weekend requires a lot of work, which requires a lot of time that I don't really have. This weekend's focus will be quiet, intimacy, peace and relaxation. I
encourage you to do the same - read a book, work on a hobby, take a walk or hang with your family. Take a break even from your weekend and just breath. See you next Wednesday and enjoy.


Update on 8/21/09

If you're in L.A., the Hollywood Outdoor Cinema is showing Fight Club tonight. Fun events start at 7:30 PM and the movie screening starts at 9PM. Click here for more info.

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