Monday, August 3, 2009

So Let Me Explain

I'm not really willfully neglectful. I swear! There's so much I want to write here and talk about. But, as my blog title infers, I over-think things and I end up not writing anything. When I don't think I have a coherent train of thought or I haven't resolved an internal conflict, I can't get myself to just put it out here.

So what gives on the Wednesday Weekend's then? That one, I can honestly say, is because I don't feel like I have weekends. I've spread myself too thin and my days have been flowing in to one another. Sorry for that and I'll catch up this week.

So here's currently what's on my mind. Would I be any different from who am I today if I didn't move to California? What would my life be like? Would I be more content with that non-existent life than the one I have now?

OR Would I be the same skeptical, cynical, hard person with the nice smile? Do we really become a different person depending on the circumstances we live through? Or, are we pre-destined to have a certain kind of life?

See what I mean? You tell me how I can blog about things that wouldn't make sense to any one. If I try to distill my thoughts on this subject, I would be posting a totally rambling piece that will completely turn everyone off from reading. And, to make things worse, this is just one idea stream. I have more of these kind of nonsense running around in my head right now and I'm not sure which one to pay attention to.

While I'm trying to sort things out and come up with the next topic to write about, why don't you weigh in on these questions. Let me know what you think by posting your comments and keep your fingers crossed for Weekend Wednesday.

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