Monday, July 5, 2010

Introspection #1

Life will never make sense to any us if we try to look at the whole picture. We were never intended to see the whole thing until the very end of life, when it wouldn’t be of any use to us. For some, they don’t even get that privilege and expire without the knowledge of what’s it all about. No matter how far back we stand from the picture or try to imagine what’s in the future, we don’t have the power to really see the full picture. We will always have a partial perspective. Always.

What’s left is for us to really look at the details of what we can see and just focus on that limited perspective. Whatever it is that’s there, enjoy and revel in your limitations. Be content on seeing the details and the knowledge that it somehow fits the whole, even if you don’t know what that whole is. Laugh, cry, smell, taste, feel, hear, shiver, swelter, moan, groan, sigh… know that there will never be anything that can compare to this flicker in time. It is a unique, incomparable moment that belongs only to your whole life.

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