Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dance with Me

Back from oblivion - after a few weeks of intense work, I'm finally getting some good news. I'm going on vacation next weekend so I'm totally excited. Don't worry, I promise to keep up with my posts. Also, I got really, really good news on Thursday about future opportunities (can't talk about it here though). So in honor of these two great "things to look forward to", come dance with me.

Here's how: turn up the volume on your speakers and clear a good space around you. Then, imagine me doing the following - dancing around in my pajamas, eyes closed, flailing my arms, biting my lower lip, bobbing my head and twirling around like a warped 33 record. Got that in your mind? Then you're ready - play this video and dance to Pet Shop Boys' new single "Did You See Me Coming?". I looooove this song!

Don't let me down - I need someone to dance with.

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