Monday, April 27, 2009

Productivity Tip – Doing Your Monthly Planning

Schedule some time this week to do your May monthly planning. Here are some of the things you should be looking at to block off time on your calendar:


  • Upcoming birthdays and anniversary for upcoming month and the month after that
  • Events you need to attend or trips to take
  • Friends & family members you want to see or talk with in May
  • Personal goals
  • School homework and projects
  • Home projects and maintenance
  • Shopping
  • Fun stuff you need to include for this month


  • Organization’s mission statement & execution priorities for the year
  • Your departmental goals for this year
  • Project deadlines & meetings
  • Performance Objectives
  • Developmental Goals
  • Events you need to attend or trips to take
  • Presentations or engagements you need to prepare for
  • Recognition and rewards for team

Since this is really what I do for a living, it’s important that I actually share some of these tips with you. Next week, we’ll tackle strategies for weekly planning. Questions, comments or concerns – let me know.

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